People left church when priest announced presence of Binay

He’s not yet the president of the republic and still actively campaigning, but Vice President Jojo Binay acts as if he’s the chief honcho, outdoing President Noynoy Aquino in bragging rights.

On Maundy Thursday, Binay attended Holy Week rites at the Sta. Cruz church in Laguna province as one of the “apostles” whose feet were washed by the priest.

The church premises teemed with bodyguards, in uniform and in civilian clothes.

A platoon of troopers from the Special Action Force (SAF) in combat fatigues and full battle gear stood guard outside the church. Ordinary uniformed cops in several patrol cars waited for the Vice President outside.

Civilian security escorts made their presence felt with their walkie-talkies inside the church which was full of the faithful.

When the priest announced the presence of the No. 2 official of the land, many of the churchgoers left in disgust apparently because of the show of force.

Unless he’s showing off—which is most likely—there’s no need for Vice President Binay to have so many bodyguards.

The vice presidents before him didn’t go around with security escorts in full battle regalia.

His immediate predecessor, Noli de Castro, only had one or two bodyguards when he was seen in public.  (Mon Tulfo,

Updated: 05/07/2015 — 17:39:06