Beware of fake rice from China; it contains plastic!

Beware of rice imported from China. In yet another food scandal rocking the country, reports from reputable news agencies claimed that the Chinese are making fake rice using plastic!

Dubbed as “plastic rice”, the product is made from finely ground potatoes. To create the fake rice, the manufacturers add various resins or plastic and shape the mixture into rice-like particles. The result is rice that looks like real rice but is so fake that anyone who eats it would get sick.

Why is this rice popular among the Chinese buyers? Because it is sold cheaply! Manufactures are mass-producing the rice, so they can sell it at cheap prices, much cheaper than real rice. Merchants who wanted to make huge profits began selling the rice to unsuspecting customers.

Of course, ingestion of this  plastic-infused rice is harmful to your health but the Chinese do not seem to mind that their fellowmen could get sick because of the fake rice they are selling! The food is from China which is known not just for making counterfeit versions of just about any product there is on Earth but also of various food scandals.

Updated: 05/07/2015 — 17:55:59