Filipino Australian Movement appeals for victims of Typhoon Ondoy

My family and I have been following up the developments on the devastation caused by Typhoon Ondoy in the whole of Metro-Manila, the island of Luzon and Marikina City in particular, from the time flood waters started to rise to unbelievable levels. As you may have read and heard in the news updates on TV, radio and the internet, Marikina City was one area that has suffered the most. Being a native of Marikina City, you must feel how the family is coping with the suffering experienced by our relatives, friends, loved ones and all the residents of Marikina City. I cannot help but appeal to all kind-hearted Filipino-Australians to help in whatever way they can.

As the Executive Director of the Filipino Australian Movement for Empowerment, Inc. (FAME) I am calling on our Directorate and General Membership and all Filipino Australians to support a fund raising drive to help our fellow kababayans in Metro-Manila.

Any donation in cash may be deposited to the following account:

Bank:  Westpac Account Name:  F.A.M.E. Inc.

BSB/Acct.No. :   032024 573395 (Please indicate in your deposit slip – Help to Typhoon Ondoy Victims) Rest assured that your donations will reach the recipients directly.

Cesar Bartolome | Executive Director | FAME Inc.
Filipino Australian Movement for Empowerment, Inc.
Email: cfbart@hotmail.com; Mobile: 0407 143 432