Sydneysiders’ works in ‘Portal’ anthology

The works of two Sydneysiders have been included in ‘Portal – Gateway to Adventure’, an anthology of creative non-fiction launched in Los Angeles, California 10 Oct.

Writer Alice Dimalanta-Jones and journalist Evelyn Agullana Opilas are among 43 St. Theresa’s College alumnae whose contributions were selected for the book, published by Studio 55 to mark the 500th year of the school’s patron saint, St. Teresa of Avila.

Manila-based writer and editor Ma. Lydia Ysip Orosa, who compiled the collection, has been attending launches for the book in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, and Manila.

The much-awaited opus has drawn compliments from other alumnae, including College president, Sr. Josefina Nebres, ICM.

Journalist, author and editor Lorna Kalaw-Tirol said “Portal (Gateway to Adventure) is an astonishing collection of essays by forty-five women who feel at home wherever in the world they find themselves. They write from a cosmopolite’s perspective, not at all jaded but rather intensely curious about new destinations and unafraid to venture into strange territory… Here are women eager to learn at the world’s feet, to explore it, befriend it, embrace it. In these insightful and introspective essays, they offer the reader a feast of cultural, intellectual, visceral and spiritual experiences. And all these gifted writers just happen to be Theresians. They make me especially proud to be one.”

Sr Josefina Nebres said “Portal (Gateway to Adventure) speaks of the Theresian’s adventurous spirit, resiliency in engaging life with varied cultures other than her own, courage in facing the challenges of the tremendous demands of enculturation, professional competitiveness, while balancing the tension between wholesome family life and career fulfilment…”

Author and essayist Erlinda Enriquez Panlilio added “These writers, Theresians all, used a particular place as springboard from which to write the vivid memories of an event that made an impact on their lives… It is to Marily Orosa’s credit that she had been able to prod these contributors to jog their memories to produce worthy essays for readers to enjoy in this book that will surely be worth savouring and keeping.”

St. Theresa’s College was named after St Teresa of Avila, founder of the Discalced Carmelites, who was declared a Doctor of the Catholic Church in 1970 for her writing and teaching on prayer.

STC used to run college departments in Cebu, Manila, and Quezon City. Today only STC Cebu maintains a college department; STC Manila has closed; while STC QC has retained its high school department.Those interested to buy a copy of the book may contact Ms Evelyn Opilas, Mobile: +614 0560 7228

Updated: 12/02/2015 — 17:42:52