Poison Letter sent to clients of Philippine Sentinel

An unsigned poison letter was circulated to the advertisers of Philippine Sentinel asking them not to support our paper. There was no return address. This is a below-the-belt punch by some COWARD individual who must have made it into the front and inside pages of our newspaper.

Philippine Sentinel does not print glossed over articles and half truths.

We only write about the truth to inform the wider community. It is our duty as a news publication to inform the public of the truth. We write about individuals and organizations who pretend to be of service to the community but these people do more harm than good.  In the true spirit of journalism, people have the right to reply and we offer them that opportunity.

The Filipino community is not represented by a few pretentious individuals who have no scruples. The majority are fine, sensible, and hard working individuals who seek to find the truth.

Our special thanks to our advertisers for their continued support and for advising us of this poison letter. Rest assured we shall continue to write and expose the true colours of those unwanted individuals in the Filipino community. — The Editor