Maria Ozawa and Cesar Montano: Did they or did they not?

Cesar Montano and Maria Ozawa photoMaria Ozawa admits that she indeed slept with the actor Cesar Montano. But in another TV news interview, Ozawa said it was just a joke. In a radio interview, she positively admitted that she had sex with her co-actor in the Metro Manila Film Festival Entry ‘Nilalang‘.

The podcast video immediately went viral on social media sites. She did not answer ‘Yes‘ directly but her actions and reactions suggested that it actually happened.

The adult film star claims that it only happened once. She kept on laughing as if she was shy to admit what they have done. Ozawa explained, “Way before, because I didn’t know anything and then it just happened.” She said that it happened before they started filming Nilalang.

In an article on, Ozawa was quoted as saying that she had no intentions of dating Montano.

Updated: 04/04/2016 — 18:29:04