A Tribute to All Mothers by Lorna Ramirez

To be a mother is the noblest job of all, but the most underrated. It is the very reason why it should always be celebrated each year. It is an acknowledgment of all the hard work, sacrifices, juggling the time for those who are working, just to have and share quality and precious time with their family.

Being a mother myself, I still worry for my children no matter how old they are. Now that they have children of their own, my role as a mother never ends. The work continues, giving the love and care to the grandchildren.

A mother’s heart is so strong, it can withstand the pain inflicted by loved ones, or even by their own children. A mother’s love is a selfless love that keeps on forgiving and giving, until there is no more left for them to give.

A mother’s love is so understanding and supportive, guiding their children in every possible way. However at times, children can go astray, the influence of friends and environments can be stronger than the care and love we give them. I feel the pain of the parents going through this.

Indeed, mother’s love is lasting, endless, unconditional, and beyond comprehension. No one can fathom what a mother’s love is, unless you are a mother.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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Excerpt from the book My Passion, My Calling:

“It is the mother’s heart that children can find assurance of being loved; It is in the mother’s arms that children can find solace and comfort; but it is in the mother’s hugs and kisses that they can find the real joy of being loved; and most of all of being special and cared for.”

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