Pedestrians not safe at Stanhope Village Parking Lots by Lorenzo Asalemo

Irate customers from the Stanhope Village Shopping Centre are talking about their concerns regarding the public parking situation in Facebook.

”Drivers seem to drive straight through at full speed not even noticing the crossing…  Almost ran over today while crossing with trolley and child which has become a recurring problem [as] this has happened more than once…  Cannot seem to find a safe place in this car park regardless of trying all different places…  Not worth the risk when shopping with three pairs of little hands to keep safe,” said one review by a local, Myers Kim.

As stated by a number of staff members and customers, it is evident that dangers within the parking lot can be attributed to its confusing layout.

“The pedestrian crossings are at random spots…  They really need to re-design the whole parking lot. It’s extremely muddled, there is a lack of direction wherever you go,” said Sarah, an employee of the centre from across the road.

When asked whether or not she felt safe in the parking lot environment she replied, “No, not at all…  If I didn’t know about the leisure centre across the road, and if I didn’t park there…  I wouldn’t come here.”

Staff members of the centre are required to use separate spaces located towards the rear of the parking lot.  Jaimi, an employee of Gloria Jean’s Coffees for over three years found that the signage and safety implements were not adequate.

“As a staff member, you’ve got to cross two lanes of traffic to enter the main car park. Honestly, I stand there for ages, waiting for a break, there’s no real pedestrian crossing for that part,” she said.

When asked about the current state of the speed bumps in the parking lot, Jaimi said that the current safety implements themselves were a source of confusion.

“The speed bumps look like pedestrian crossings. So pedestrians…  From my experience of coming through the car park, the amount of times I’ve had pedestrians step out in front of me… I’ve had to be vigilant of that,” she said.

Centre management at Stanhope Village/Mirvac declined to make any comment on the situation.

Updated: 05/18/2016 — 20:14:16