Man refuses to pay personal loan; borrowed money more than 5 years ago

On November 2013, I published the name of the owner of a smash repair shop in Mt. Druitt based on a report made by Mr. Lope Pabico. According to this owner of Pabico Club 55, Mr. Bong David borrowed $20,000 from him in 2011. David apparently used the money during his production of a show featuring Filipino actress/singer Sarah Geronimo. To this day, he continues to produce shows of imported talents from the Philippines but has not paid off his debt to Pabico.

Mr. Pabico said that he handed cold cash in tranches of $5,000 and $10,000 based on a promise that a signed promissory note would be delivered by Mr. Bong David. Pabico reported to Philippine Sentinel that the promised written debt acknowledgement never came and the loan has remained unpaid to this day. A local barrister who was consulted by Pabico said that a promissory note was not necessary to institute collection proceedings.

When last visited by a reporter of Philippine Sentinel, it was determined that David has moved his car repair shop to Unit 2/No. 4 Appin Place in St. Marys NSW. He was last reported to be a resident of Unit 48, No. 26 in Princess Mary Street, St. Marys NSW.

According to sources, David is a known member of Iglesia ni Kristo (INK), a religious congregation based in Minchinbury NSW. Pabico has sought the help of church elders for the return of his money but to no avail.

When last contacted by this writer, David denied that he ever borrowed money from Lope Pabico. He alleged that no cash ever passed his hands and that there were some other people involved in the production of the Sarah Geronimo Show. His name continues to appear as a producer of Manila Sydney Entertainment.

Updated: 05/18/2016 — 20:20:00