Bounty for killing drug lords raised to PHP5 million

President Rodrigo Duterte has raised the bounty for killing of drug lords to five million.

Ang bayad ko ngayon, ‘pag drug lord, mag-announce na ‘ko, P5 million ‘pag patay. Kung buhay, P4 million 999 thousand lang,” Duterte told a crowd of around 500,000 people during his victory party at the Crocodile Park in Davao.

(I will pay P5 million bounty for the killing of drug lords. If alive, P4 million 999 thousand only.) Duterte had earlier said that he would pay up to P3 million for every drug lord killed or arrested.

For the “small time” drug peddlers, he offered P50,000 as bounty. During his profanity-laced speech, Duterte urged citizens to arrest drug traffickers in their community. He said ordinary citizens could shoot drug traffickers if they resisted arrest and put people’s lives in danger.

In his previous pronouncements, Duterte has given police forces “shoot to kill” order against resisting criminals.

Updated: 2016-07-02 — 19:24:26