Do you speak English or Taglish? by Nostradino

Today, English is probably the most widely-spoken second language in most countries. Most authors and columnists write using the English language. At least three Philippine newspapers in Australia publish in English. Many radio announcers broadcast in English. International air traffic controllers communicate with pilots in English.

But versions vary widely. Look at how Filipinos in Australia use it:

“Let’s make tusok the fishballs.” This is language where there’s more English than Tagalog words. “You make kuwento to me what happened,”  says your friend. Then, there’s the superlative : “He’s so galing.” Or commonly heard during summer: “I’m so init na; make paypay me naman.

I once heard a college student from Assumption Convent in Makati City exclaim: “How puta naman your mom is.” A widow who lives in Woodcroft once said to me: “Paki kuwan naman yung ano.” (Whaaaat!)