News Flash Aabout the New Location of MPC

It’s a flood zone!

For the simple reason that the new site at No. 80 Grange Avenue in Schofields is a flood zone, it is highly unlikely that Blacktown Council will authorise construction of any building in the new MPC property. This was the information gathered directly from reliable sources within the council.

This brings us to the next question. Didn’t anyone from the brilliant members of the MPC Board check with Blacktown Council before the decision to buy that property was made?

It was further revealed that the use of filling materials would not be allowed on the sunken property because it is against the law to pass on the problem to neighbours.

The 5.5 acre piece of land that was recently bought by the directors of the Philippine Australian Community Foundation, Inc. (PACFI) is actually below street level. That fact alone adds to the problem of sitting in a flood zone. It is PACFI that manages the affairs of the Filipino Multi-Purpose Centre or MPC. The MPC directors continue to harangue the Filipino community with fund-raising activities such as the recent “Kapamilya sa Australia” which was co-sponsored by ABS-CBN. It is obvious that the senior management of ABS-CBN is not aware of the history of MPC or what is really going on in this Filipino dream that is unlikely to become a reality.

Meanwhile, the old site in Rooty Hill remains for sale. It is still a mystery how the MPC directors were able to pay the purchase price of $1.15 million for the new property. The latest bid for the Rooty Hill property was $850,000 less agent’s commission.

Philippine Tribune is in possession of documents showing that the MPC site in Schofields is “significantly affected by the floodplain of Eastern Creek.” The site is virtually entirely affected by the “High Flood Risk Precinct,” which indicates that any flood affecting the site would present a high hazard to any development on or occupants of the site.”

On this basis, it is extremely doubtful whether the proposed use (of the site) could be approved by Blacktown Council.

Our confidential source suggested that any potential developer of the site make enquiries from Blacktown Council in respect of the flood affectation of the site.

It is apparent that nobody from the Philippine Australian Community Foundation Inc. or MPC management had bothered to make any such enquiry prior to the decision of buying the land.