Gary Lising at ICU for heart problem

Gary Lising, famous for his “green” jokes and comedic wit, was rushed to hospital Tuesday, November 10, 2009.

Best known in the defunct TV gag show Champoy in the ’80s and in funny films in the ’90s like Run Barbie Run and Alyas Boy Tigas, Gary was seen as someone who can tickle the funny bone with his branded green humor. The Ateneo de Manila economics graduate handled his own joke-store business and wrote books, including an autobiography (Confessions of a D.O.M. (Delightful Old Man)) — both with greenishly-loaded content.

The last movie he starred in was in 2007. He stirred up some controversy when he chatted with Mo Twister in the host’s defunct radio show’s “Forbidden Questions,” also that year.

Heart attack was determined as the cause and he is currently confined at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Makati Medical Center.

Fellow comedian and close friend Noel Trinidad related the tragic news concerning Gary thru dzMM and called out for prayers in a text message sent to the radio station.