Filipino family penalized because of fraud committed by immigration officer

Chester Chiong and his family was granted permanent visa on the 14th of February 2014. Mr Chiong’s application was one of the 59 applications processed by Mr Alex Allan, Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) immigration officer — who was convicted of fraud and now serving an 8-month prison sentence.

It is not the fault of Mr Chiong that his application for permanent residency was processed by a fraudulent visa officer. The erroneous information was not supplied by him nor was he consulted about it. Had he known that he needed those requirements (IELTS and accreditation), he would have complied. Thus, the cancellation of Mr Chiong’s permanent residency due to fraud committed by an immigration officer is unjust. Mr Chiong should not be punished for fraud done by other people.

Migrante Australia believes that Mr Chester Chiong’s permanent residency visa should be reinstated as soon as possible. We also urge the Australian government to conduct a full investigation on the loopholes in the DIBP visa processing system to prevent future fraudulent acts to happen. It is also in the best interest of the Australian people that DIBP must seriously investigate cases of fraud and other irregularities and rid the department of possible visa scammers within its own ranks.

Chester Chiong, since arriving in Australia, has worked full-time as a metal fitter. He has a degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering. He uses his skills and knowledge to contribute to this country’s economy. His children have fully embraced life in Australia and have strong links in school, church and community. His daughter is currently focused on studying for her HSC in October 2016.

Migrante Australia (NSW) is assisting Chester Chiong and family in their quest for justice and in their appeal to have their permanent residency visa reinstated.

The DIBP must find in its heart the compassion to reinstate Chester Chiong and his family their permanent residency visas. (by Lina Cabaero of Migrante Australia)

Updated: 08/06/2016 — 18:31:58