My Memoirs of Australia by Maria Tabije

Composed on 27 July, 2013;  influenced by her deep sentimentality in tribute to the places she resided in Australia from 1989 to date.

From across the seas and peak mountains, I have come to settle on the shores of Aust; A home rich in steak, of milk and honey; A place graced with snakes, sun and rain.

For seven years I have lived and seen; The City of Sydney was first I stayed; The Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Centre Point reflect the sites; as my “footprints and stick” numbered in years.

For a while I have gone and been; To Gwandalan by the lake I leaned; A two-bedroom fibro cottage shared with sisters and my father; Amongst Kookaburras and Magpies cheering incessantly on gum trees’ boughs!

When twilight unfolds and cool breeze falls; When in December Christmas holidays arise; Oysters fresh and fish alike, hanging on the rocks, I caught with delight; Between Gwandalan Lake and Catherine Hill Bay.

For mentoring task away I flew; To pursue the dream in Gold Coast way; Nearly a “score” I still succumb; In sharing my gifts of teaching and song!

From Coombabah to Biggera switched in between; To Aroa Court here am now traced; Hymns from Saint Francis echoes wavering I hear; As the bluest shining steeple viewers they pray.

But what and where shall I to go? Save Runaway Bay, a fishing bay with boats on the way; Strolling and shopping seem

all I do; As the day of teaching in school remains undo.

See, my garden’s blest by Heaven’s scents; As the Guardian Angels dance their “Songs of Praise”; Glittering Lilies and Sampaguitas in Spring beguile the eyes; But what more for me to touch and feel; Save the glorious, yellow Gerberas robust in style.

Oh, beautiful Aust, what else could I share? Save my poem of memory for days prepared; For thou, no doubt, you’ve givest the best of care no one can dare; Memories of thee shall never pass, ‘cause surely not one bit for me to fuss!

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