Another Marcos Mistress with whom he has a daughter

Sydney model Evelin Hegyesi was invited to a lot of parties around the world after she appeared in a 1969 Playboy magazine spread entitled “Girls of Australia”. One of those parties was at the Malacañang Palace in Manila where a still naïve Hegyesi met the dictator Ferdinand Marcos. For Marcos, it was love at first sight.

Her affair with the dictator is not known to many, not even to Filipinos residing in Sydney. Evelin Hegyesi was in the pages of Playboy Magazine when she  modelled mink bikinis in the 1970s.  At age 57, she is now a multi-millionaire residing in the eastern suburbs.

Her Eurasian daughter, Analisa Josefa, now lives with Dean Fleming, son of the wealthy racing and fruit markets family. She was apparently named after the mother of Marcos, Josefa Edralin who has long been buried in Ilocos Norte, Philippines.

The Sun-Herald has revealed the contents of a dossier on the Australian link to the Marcos money to the Philippine Commission on Good Government. PCGG is charged with chasing the $10 billion believed to have been stolen by the late dictator from his country.

Buried deep in a maze of documents is a reference to a mysterious Sydney link. The documents show that, in 1971, soon after Ms Hegyesi had a baby daughter, then president Marcos signed papers that made Ms Hegyesi’s company, Austraphil Pty Ltd, the “sole and only beneficiary” of one of his secret accounts. It was called Azio Foundation.

Australian company searches revealed Ms Hegyesi had set up Austraphil just one year earlier on October 14, 1970. She was 23 years old and three months pregnant at the time.

The former model lived for more than 30 years on the ritziest peninsula in Sydney. She made millions from property deals but managed to keep a low profile among the social set in the eastern suburbs.

It is not clear how she came to be connected with Marcos in 1970. But something happened that prompted the president to assign one of his secret Swiss bank accounts to her new company, Austraphil.

While her mother abstained from attending parties, daughter Analisa is described by social writers as              Analisa Josefa

“exotic”, “vivacious” and “flamboyant”, with a super-curvy body. She and her partner bought a $4.5 million four-bedroom waterfront mansion on the end of Darling Point. They now have a baby girl, Tahni.

(Source: The Sydney Morning Herald)

Updated: 2016-09-03 — 19:23:13