Response to Ms Aida Morden by Prima West

I refer to the article written by Aida Morden in your July issue regarding alleged issues within SAFSI (Sydney Australian Filipino Seniors Inc). Ms. Morden has chosen to label me “confused” and “ill-advised” for my refusal to meet with her.

It would be totally irresponsible of me as SAFSI’s current president to provide her with answers that have not been checked and properly investigated. Regrettably, these take time and as senior citizens, it may take a little longer. My first and utmost concern is to safeguard and protect SAFSI and its members. Any personal issues between members remain private and internal.

We would love to have Ms. Morden at our meetings, but regrettably, she is not a member of SAFSI. I can however assure Ms. Morden, that the allegations are being carefully looked into in the hope of reaching a happy resolution for all.

Mrs. Prima C. West, President, SAFSI

Updated: 2016-09-03 — 19:38:17