100 years ago in Philippine History

On March 7, 1906, US troops under the command of Major General Leonard Wood massacred as many as 1,000 Filipino Muslims, known as Moros, who were taking refuge at Bud Dajo, a volcanic crater on the island of Jolo in the southern Philippines. Above, US soldiers pose for the camera in the aftermath of the massacre.

Robert Fulton says two-thirds of the Tausugs killed were women and children, mostly members of the warriors’ families and many of whom also fought the colonizers.

Although the Tausug had an excellent defensive position, the ten-to-one firepower advantage enjoyed by the Americans made the battle extremely lopsided.

The Tausug also call the incident “The Battle of the Clouds” by the Tausug for the mists that often shroud the mountain peak.

It is interesting to note that there is a major road in Baguio City, Philippines named Leonard Wood Road, obviously named after the American General.

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