Australian Army Captain suggests that sex workers be sent to the front line

An Australian army captain has suggested sex workers be sent to the front line to relieve soldiers from their stress.

Captain Sally Williamson wrote an article called “Sex and War ? A Conversation Army Has To Have”, which was posted on the ‘Land Power Forum’, a blog published by the Australian Army, on November 6.

In the article, which has since been removed, Captain Williamson ruminated on how best to stop sexual violence in the military, the Daily Telegraph reports. One of her proposed solutions was that “the Army could contract Australian male and female sex workers to service troops in forward-operating bases and air bases”.

However, she admitted there were “moral, legal, practical, medical and logistical barriers” to the idea of bringing sex workers to the front line. A good alternative, she wrote, would be for the army to consider “providing masturbation facilities or issuing sex toys”.

Captain Williamson wrote that she believed sex could relieve feelings of loneliness among soldiers, as well as helping veterans recover from post-traumatic stress disorder.

An Australian Army spokesperson told the Daily Telegraph that the article had been removed, because the ideas proposed by Captain Williamson did not reflect Defence policy. “Defence policy on conduct in the workplace has not changed,” they added. (First published in MSN news)

Updated: 03/19/2018 — 02:15:03
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