Man sues neighbour to impregnate his wife but fails after 72 attempts

Neighbour was paid to do it but fails to make his friend’s wife pregnant after 72 attempts.


In Stuttgart, Germany, a court magistrate must decide on a case of honourable intentions in a situation where a man hired his neighbour to get his wife pregnant.


It seems that Demetrius Soupolos, 29 and his former beauty queen wife, pictured left, badly wanted a child. However, Demetrius was diagnosed by his doctor as sterile.


Therefore, Soupolos, after calming his wife’s protests, hired his neighbour, Frank Maus, to impregnate her.  Maus was already married and the father of two children. He also looked very much like Soupolos, the plan looked good.


Soupolos paid Maus $2,500 for the job. All parties involved agreed that for three evenings a week for the next six months, Maus would try to impregnate the beautiful wife for a total of 72 times.


When his own wife objected, Maus explained: “I don’t like this any more than you do, but I am doing it only for the money which we both need. Please understand.”


When the wife of Demetrius failed to get pregnant after six months, he insisted that the surrogate husband submit himself to a medical examination. It was then discovered that Maus was sterile. The discovery shocked everyone except the wife of Maus who was compelled to confess that there was another man who sired their two children.


Soupolos is now suing Maus for breach of contract but the latter refuses to return the money, saying that he made an honest effort to perform and did not guarantee conception. Any volunteers from readers of Philippine Sentinel will be considered but hotel and air ticket is not included.

Updated: 04/27/2018 — 04:41:24