The woman with a ‘bubble-wrap face’

Mother, 38, is covered in thousands of agonising tumours after the birth of her second child. Strangers ask why she doesn’t commit suicide. A mother-of-two has been left with a ‘bubble-wrap’ face after the birth of her second child triggered the growth of thousands of tumours.

Charmaine Sahadeo, 38, who suffers from an extreme case of neurofibromatosis, is covered in agonizing bumps, with three giant growths swamping her right leg making it nearly impossible to stand or walk.

Ms Sahadeo, from Chaguanas, Trinidad, believes her appearance is responsible for the breakdown of her 18-year marriage, as well as her financial difficulties due to employers being horrified by her disorder.

She also has to endure cruel comments and stares from strangers, with children running away from her and some people even suggesting she commit suicide.

Ms Sahadeo, who is mother to Caleb, 19 and Osiris, 15, said: ‘I have one of the most serious cases of neurofibromatosis in the world.’

Despite the seriousness of her condition, Ms Sahadeo manages to remain positive, saying: ‘I see myself as a beautiful person and I try not to let people affect me.’

Sahadeo, who has endured two surgeries to help ease her disorder, believes she has run out of treatment options in Trinidad and is speaking out to seek help from medical experts abroad.

Neurofibromatosis is a common genetic condition that affects one in 3,000 people in the UK to some extent. It’s caused by a genetic mutation that affects nerve tissue growth. Around half of cases are inherited from a parent and the other half occur spontaneously.

Early symptoms include flat brown birthmarks, and lumps and bumps in unusual places.

It is also associated with mild learning difficulties, although most people with NF1 are otherwise healthy and live to a normal life expectancy. There is no cure. However, it is possible to perform surgery to remove the benign growths. (Source: The Neuro Foundation)

Updated: 2018-04-27 — 05:56:23