‘Shut up, b**ch’: 2 teens curse elderly Filipina during train ride

Identified only as ‘Mila,’ the 66-year-old Filipina was still recovering from a kidney operation in a hospital in Melbourne. She was coughing intermittently and could hardly say a word. She was on board a train but was unfortunate enough to be sitted face-to-face with two white teenagers who shouted at her, hurling ethnic slurs.

Among the curses they hurled were “mother f*cking curry muncher,” “shut up, b**ch,” and “go back to your own f**king country.” The incident was caught on video and posted on facebook.

Patricia Bonnar, who took the video, said the Filipina was “very frail” and was still recovering after having a kidney removed at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Hospital in Melbourne.

During the incident, she said the two teenagers “threw filthy looks at us” when they first boarded the carriage.

“They walked up and sat opposite Mila, she was coughing and the girls were staring at her. Then they started abusing her,” she said in a Facebook interview.

“They are 14-year-old girls and I’ve had so many people contact me with horror stories about these bullies abusing innocent people travelling on the train, at the station, in shops etc.,” she added.

Bonnar said she and 2 friends on the train, Andree Maxwell and Suzie Piggot, decided to step in and help the Filipina because they could no longer take the abuse.

“We couldn’t sit back and do nothing. We moved up and sat next to Mila to support her until these feral girls got off the train,” she said.

Bonnar, who is also a cancer survivor, said Mila did nothing to make her the subject of such abuse.

“Mila had her kidney removed. She said she had cancer. Mila is such a beautiful lady and was not rude to these girls,” she said.

“We didn’t know her before the incident, we took her to the police station to report the sad incident, then we had coffee,” she added.

A News.com.au article said Mila has been an Australian resident since 1985 and is most probably an Australian citizen. No one deserves such kind of treatment or bullying from anyone.

As of this reporting, the identity of the girls who hurled racist invectives against the Filipina has not yet been established. Ω (SOURCE: facebook)
Is it safe to take expired medicine?

The short answer is YES, but it does not apply to ALL medicines.

Why Do Drugs Have an Expiration Date?

According to the Harvard Health Letter, an expiration date is a legal requirement that has been imposed by the Food and Drug Administration since 1979. It is meant to be the date until when “the manufacturer can still guarantee the full potency and safety of the drug.” However, research shows that 90% of more than 100 types of medication, both over-the-counter and prescription, are fine to use even 15 years after they have supposedly expired.

You can actually ignore the expiration date of many different drugs for up to many years! According to a report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), certain kinds of medication may retain much of their potency for as many as 40 years.

Misleading advertisement in front door of chemist

It is an apparent attempt to attract customers to buy medicine inside the shop. Located along busy Main Street in Blacktown NSW. Cincotta Chemist has on display a large sign on its front door: “Up to 50% off prescriptions.” I bought my medicine there at 12:30pm on 14th April but there was no discount given.
The Tax Invoice issued to me showed $9.35. What was more confusing was the amount of $5.40 appearing on a sticker attached to the “Repeat” Prescription.
When I called the attention of one of the staff, a young lady explained to me that discounts are given only to “certain scripts.”

I showed her my Pensioner’s Card and my Senior’s Card.

She explained that such cards do not qualify me for any discount. She further called my attention to the word “Up to” which does not

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