Is someone behind the purchase of the MPC property in Schofields?

Is this another form of “Pinoy corruption?”  Is someone behind the purchase of that new property in Schofields? Was there another sub-agent who could be a crony of the owner and the purchaser to let it go for a very good prize of (only) $1.15 million?

Assuming that these MPC managers are not aware that the property is in a flood zone; didn’t they employ a solicitor or a conveyancing agent? For that price, I am sure there is one. Didn’t they have a legal adviser or counsel?  It should have been his/her duty to investigate matters like being in a flood zone or if there is water/sewer connection.

It is becoming apparent that this is a “game of conspiracy” that involves commissions for the property to be sold regardless of certain defects. What a shame! 

My kids were still very young when they started that MPC with that $100 fund-raising dinner plate. That’s 17 years ago! How many more years before a solid MPC can finally be built? Is it plain lip service or baby talk? Being part of the community, I no longer believe in this kind of project. 

Name withheld upon request

(Editor’s reply: During the last media conference we had at the site in Schofields, Mr. Manny Villon pointed to Ms. Minerva Santos of Blacktown Library as the media contact. Philippine Tribune invites her or any of the MPC managers to respond to your query. We have no doubt Ms. Santos has access to a copy of Philippine Tribune because we always see her at Wespoint where copies are available.)