Teenage student auctions her virginity online

Student, 19, who’s been too busy to find love is AUCTIONING her virginity to have a ‘learning experience’ with a skilled lover. So far, she’s already had an offer of €250K from an Italian businessman.

Alice Hayson, 19, originally from Spain, is auctioning her virginity. Says she believes an experienced man would provide ‘best learning experience.’ She isn’t looking for love right now, so she’s decided to sell virginity.

The teenager who has been too focused on her studies to find a boyfriend has decided to auction her virginity, as she’s not interested in finding love just yet.

She has set up a website where interested parties can place bids or ‘buy now’ for the sum of €1M.

‘I am convinced this is the best decision for me as I have zero sexual experience and I am interested in exploring my sexuality.’
‘So an experienced man would provide the best learning experience for me.’
While money is a huge motivating factor, Alice says she is not ‘desperate’.
‘I come from middle class family,’ she said. ‘I have some family members struggling with some debts that I want to help. ‘But apart from that, studying abroad is the only thing I cannot fund with my modelling career.’

The part-time model and English student said she was ‘always focused on her studies and never paid attention to boys’.

Alice hopes to use the proceeds to study astronomy in Europe, preferably in Spain.

‘Months ago I saw other girls selling their virginity online for hundreds of thousands euros with the help of agencies and media exposure.

So far, Alice has received three offers which have been verified by her manager through documents produced by the bidders.
‘The highest one so far is €250,000 from an Italian business man,’ she said.
‘It’s been two weeks since I made this auction public and I am pretty happy with how the auction is going so far.’

So far, Alice has only told her best friend Leah, who is also her manager and is running the auction.

‘She is like my confidant and I felt comfortable telling her about this,’ she said.
‘She was shocked at first but she has been very supportive.
‘Even though we think differently and may not agree with each other’s decisions, we always support and help each other.’

Alice admits that both she and Leah are aware there are risks involved, but it won’t stop them from going ahead.

‘Leah has been my manager during all my modelling career and never had a problem, so I am confident the process is going to go well.

‘Apart from her there is going to be a bodyguard at the date, so I can feel comfortable that day too.

Medical certificate requirement

The winning bidder will have to provide evidence of medical checks and sign a non-disclosure agreement said Alice, and there must be no third parties or photos or filming during the date.

‘The auction process is going to be respected and the highest bidder will win. There is going to be a winner definitely.’ (Source: Daily Mail)