One man’s entrepreneurial skills connect Filipino communities worldwide

In his wildest dreams, Marco Selorio never thought organising a community dance event for his brother’s crew would turn into a worldwide phenomenon. However, it was this moment that ignited an annual calendar of dance events, becoming a celebration for Filipino families to celebrate and connect with their youth.

“Kids loved the music and the family vibe and parents were comfortable being there with their kids,” Marco said.

“They really enjoyed that atmosphere, the families and communities coming together to be entertained by the talent in the community.”

However, Marco still believes he has so much more to offer to the Filipino youth, believing this is one of the reasons why he has maintained such a strong connection to his country of birth.

Marco also said the money people send to the Philippines is essential in helping to break the youth out of the poverty cycle.

“I think a lot of Filipinos send money back home, and the ones who migrate from the provinces often tend to send more money.”

Digital money transfer company WorldRemit has realised this need to better service the Philippines and they now offer a wider reach to regional areas through instant cash pickups at local businesses such as the Palawan Pawnshops.

In 2017, an estimated AUD$1.8billion of remittances were sent to the Philippines from Australia in total, and in the same year, the Southeast Asian nation was WorldRemit’s largest receive market globally.

Despite most of his family having now migrated to Australia or the USA, Marco continues to remit money home to support many of his extended family members with their education.

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As a result of Marco’s efforts in the Philippines, the nation has recently been sending their most talented dancers as national representatives for the international competitions, with these dancers winning a number of the divisions, demonstrating the power of the arts in the nation.

These global connections are also supported by companies such as WorldRemit, who are constantly looking for ways to strengthen relationships among Filipino communities across the world. Their service provides an easy way for Filipinos to send money to their family and friends living abroad by using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

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Updated: 2018-06-29 — 02:23:58