Third World War in the making

Vladimir Putin has recently warned about WWIII and called for a ‘Summit’ with Donald Trump to avert what may lead to the ultimate destruction of planet earth. (

“The fear of mutually-assured destruction has always restrained and forced military powers to respect each other,” the Russian leader said. “The exit of the United States from missile defence treaty was an attempt to ruin this parity, but our efforts in the development of new weapons will preserve this parity, he added.”

Not too long ago, Putin announced an array of “invincible” new nuclear weapons including an underwater drone and glider warhead that he claimed could overcome US missile defences. US intelligence reported that a Russian nuclear-powered hypersonic missile whose range was “unlimited” in fact crashed after 22 missiles in a test.

Russia won’t withdraw from Syria yet

Putin said the Russian military has ceased combat missions in Syria because there is “no need for them,” with most populated areas under the control of Bashar Assad’s regime. But Russian troops will remain at the naval and airbase in Syria “as long as it’s advantageous,” he added, seemingly walking back his December declaration that most of the forces in Syria would return home.

Nuclear-powered missiles and underwater drones

The Russian strongman also rehashed the list of fantastic-sounding new weapons he announced recently, including a laser weapon, nuclear missiles and a nuclear-powered cruise missile and underwater drone. Mr. Putin pledged that he would launch 600 satellites within the next few years to “replace cable communications” and would test a super-heavy rocket by 2022.

Despite the stress on space exploration, Russian rockets have suffered humiliating accidents in recent years. In November, a rocket carrying a $45m satellite and smaller satellites from several countries crashed into the sea after it was programmed with coordinates from the wrong launch site.

Vladimir Putin denied that Russia was behind the poisoning of former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury. He also denied that a military-grade nerve agent had been used in the attack, even though the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has confirmed the British government’s finding that the military nerve agent Novichok was used.

Updated: 06/29/2018 — 03:16:57