Chinese Military Operatives in Manila?

I know it’s all saber-rattling, ahh flag hoisting in the open seas.

What is insidious is the mass entry of mainland Chinese supposedly as online gambling booking agents or whatever you call them. What is suspicious is the massive number of them. Fights have broken up in Binondo between them and long-time Filipino-Chinese residents businessmen. There are many restaurants in Makati that cater only to these new Chinese residents. They live in a multi-story condo (reportedly owned by Henry Sy on Reposo Street, right across the street of my parents’ house. Menus of these restaurants are in various Chinese dialects, the staff do not speak Mandarin or Fookien, and the dishes are unheard of to Filipinos and even to the local Fil-Chinese.

There are other ghettos of these new Chinese in Metro Manila and around Clark and Subic. Scuttlebutt has it that they are disguised military intelligence operatives.

Updated: 2018-06-29 — 03:33:46