DU30’s trip to Israel and Jordan by Ding Velasco

(Editor’s Note: This is unverified article taken from social media)
Why the P100M plus trip to Israel was such a waste.

1. Israel has the world’s foremost, most efficient spy system; therefore, it was impossible for them not to know that as regards to Western compatible helicopter-based weapons systems ━ they were the only supplier left after the US, Canada, the UK and the whole EU closed their doors on Duterte because they were afraid that the weapons systems they’ll sell to him will be used against the civilian opposition.

2. Israel also knew of his Pro-Hitler tendencies which was why they demanded of Duterte to make a significant appearance at their Holocaust Memorial, not only to nudge him into an anti-fascist stance but more to record his anti-fascist speech there that they can use to ridicule him if he returns to his fascist tendencies.

3. Israel allowed him to come merely as a gesture of goodwill in repayment for favours granted to them by President Quezon in 1940-1941; not because they like him now.

4. Israel is the last country he hasn’t visited where a large population of OFWs reside.

5. Because the Jewish media was unto his antics, they did not hold back printing anti-Duterte stories which resulted in an almost empty venue when Duterte was supposed to meet Jewish Businessmen ━ and where Jewish civilians staged an Anti-Duterte protest rally.

6. The Duterte visit started on the wrong footing when the Jewish Media was barred from covering his meet and greet with Filipino workers in Tel Aviv. From day one it was already downhill.

7. The $60 Million “promises of investments” his Cabinet signed in Israel was the smallest ever from his 37 foreign trips; and none was a concrete FDI commitment.

8. No Government-to-Government weapons deal was ever signed.

9. The Israeli flop contaminated the Jordan trip when ALL EVENTS planned for September 8, their last day WERE CANCELLED. Jordan didn’t agree to procure helicopter-based weapons systems for and in behalf of the Philippines. They just donated 2 used H64 Attack Helicopters that they will refurbish before actual donation.

10. And to top it all, his stay in Israel and in Jordan was eclipsed in the world news by what he triggered at home and niggardly ignored to fester on its own ━ the Trillanes Amnesty revocation promulgation ━ making him irresponsible in the eyes of the world at a time he tried to put his best foot forward. He lost in the world perception toss up, so he came home empty handed after spending the better part of some P150 Million in two foreign states, with nothing to show for, except elevating Senator Trillanes to unexpected heights in popularity. He just wasted a lot of money.

Updated: 10/26/2018 — 04:52:59