The Enemy Within

Towards genocide and anarchy, and street riots. Invasions in reverse ━ no planes no tanks, only refugee boats. Is it an inevitable human crisis of biblical proportions?

This article does not take sides. It simply presents opposing views and the dilemma. The flowchart below of the looming human crisis is so simple, yet deadly and karmic, growing slowly everyday, ready to explode anytime into a global crisis.

The ingredients to the inevitable human crisis are 1) invasions and indiscriminate bombings of the innocent triggering unstoppable migrations, 2) the terrorism/anti-terrorism vicious circle of vendetta. Before, it was eye for an eye. Now, it is ten eyes for an eye. The ultimate victims are ordinary people ━ both migrants and citizens.

Can we tell the terrorists to stop their acts which cause invasions? Can we tell the heads of states to stop invasions and bombings that cause migrations? From history, the answer is a resounding NO. Do they not see the obvious relation or are they blinded by anger? From history, they don’t see it!

The United States and the European Union have a deep dilemma that is tearing their nations apart ━ how to deal with continued flow of Muslims in the largest most affluent Christian cities. On one side are the humanitarians who welcome them with open arms. On the other are those who fear being inundated by an Islamic flood.

Riots of pros and antis are growing in the US and the EU. There is a growing resentment even for peace-loving second-generation Muslims who have been assimilated citizens for decades. So, it’s Germans versus Germans, and Germans versus migrants. When critical mass is reached, it will breed civil wars and anarchy on a large scale. Despair will seek inhuman solutions.

War is no longer an export. It is in your backyard, on your streets, an invasion in reverse which does not need tanks and planes, only refugee boats. The flow of refugees is the cosmic principle of equilibrium ━ heat seeks cold, poverty seeks affluence, overcrowding seeks space, oppression seeks freedom. ━ BVL

Updated: 2018-10-26 — 05:18:28