Community leader holds diabetes awareness information program

A Diabetes Awareness Information Program was recently conducted by Dr. Julie Nuñez, OAM
Dr. Nuñez, a well-known community leader made attendees aware of the prevalence of diabetes in various ethnic community groups.

The main purpose of the program is to assist the participants in preventing the onset of diabetes by making them aware of its causes; how to prevent getting the disease; as well as how to manage it properly in order to avoid complications related to it.

Diabetes could result in kidney problems, cardiovascular disease, blindness, and in some cases, amputation of affected limbs. The program consisted of three sessions which started on the 24th of October and ended on the 2nd November 2018. It was held at the Max Webber Blacktown Library Function Centre. The program was sponsored by the Western Sydney Health District Multicultural Unit and the Philippine Health Care Association of Australia-Philippine Nurses Association (PHCAA-PNA). Julie is a trained Bilingual Community Educator. She has conducted similar successful seminars to several groups during the past ten years.

Updated: 12/24/2018 — 05:13:41