Coleen Garcia jets to Boracay

Actress Coleen Garcia was among those who trooped to Boracay for its reopening after its six months of rehabilitation. Just like fellow actress Cristine Reyes, Garcia did not think twice to hop on a plane and jet off to check out the changes in the island that was called a “cesspool’ by Duterte.

Garcia shared on her Instagram account a picture of her walking down the internationally-famous white sand beach in Boracay. Garcia was very much impressed with the improvements, telling her fans that she has fallen in love with Boracay all over again.

“Walked from station 3 to station 1 to see what has changed so far,” she wrote. “I love that the island is noticeably cleaner, and you can walk [barefeet] around and all over the sand without being afraid of stepping on broken glass.”

Garcia commended those who were behind the rehabilitation, adding that she cannot wait to return to the island once more.
She also reminded her fans to do their part in taking care of the island, saying, “All the effort put into this would go to waste if we don’t learn to be more conscious of the damage we humans cause on a daily basis. Let’s try to minimize that, not just here, but everywhere we go.”

Updated: 2018-12-24 — 05:43:37