Why the threat on journalists?

Journalists and individuals who are critical of those in power tend to be the primary targets of both state and other groups with resources and the means because threats and attacks are intended to scare them, if not stop them altogether in their tracks.

Those who write under Rappler’s News Break Section, for example ━ like other investigative journalists in other media organizations, are well aware of this. Yet they persist in doing what they do.

Why? In the case of Newsbreak, it has developed a loyal following. They spend a long time reading our investigative and in-depth stories. A big chunk are avid readers of news and politics. They care about ‘heavy issues’ that affect the nation ━ corruption, extra-judicial killings, abuse of power, human rights, gender issues, or the rule of law. These are difficult and life-threatening topics to write about but the “hard-core” journalists will not stop, threats notwithstanding. We’ve learned to be smarter in dealing with these threats but will need your help too in continuing this uneasy task.
Chay Hofilena in Rappler

Updated: 2018-12-24 — 05:57:46