My thoughts on Imelda’s conviction

Imelda Marcos must go to jail! She can use a wheel chair like Juan Ponce Enrile plus a used neck brace borrowed from Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. All these are common tricks used by guilty ━ or should I say ━ dirty politicians as suggested by their lawyers.

But for how long? Maybe a few days or even just a few hours in a VIP and airconditioned room until she is ‘pardoned’ by no less than her charitable friend Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

If not immediately pardoned, she will most probably be placed ‘under house arrest’ in her palatial home adorned with her multi-million-dollar Rembrandt paintings. What a farce! Such is democracy, Filipino style.

It seems not too long ago when famed jeweller Ding Velayo was invited to Malacañang Palace to present some of his prized diamond collections to Imelda. Of course, the businessman was elated to have the First Lady’s attention. After choosing some of the most expensive, the only payment that Velayo got was a cute “thank you.”

“Imeldific” had the occasion to visit Australia sometime in the past. She must have thought of herself as a queen and proudly wore a tiara, only to be told that only the Queen of England is allowed to wear such a headpiece in the Land Down Under.

Ana Marie Pamintuan of Philippine Star thanks that if Imelda “is allowed to remain free until the final resolution of her case, now 89, she could be 99 ━ or even 109. . . ━ by the time final judgment is rendered, considering the glacial pace of our criminal justice system.”

At an American bank in Manila where I worked, we used to tell clients who threatened to sue the bank: “We’ll see you in court for the next 20 years.” That is Philippine justice system that still functions at a snail’s pace.
Is she healthy enough to be behind bars?

She must be. She attended her daughter’s birthday party at the time when her conviction was handed down by the Sandigan Bayan (People’s Court).

“She must be suffering from multiple moral and honesty infirmities rather than the contrived ‘multiple organ infirmities’ cited in her Motion,” Congressman Carlos Zarate said.

Imelda Marcos has a brilliant lawyer in the person of Manuel ‘Lolong’ Lazaro. I have little doubt that the case will reach the Supreme Court and, at the end of the day, expertly manipulated by her alleged allies. She will be acquitted on technical grounds.

Should have been convicted of plunder

Mrs. Marcos who was reported to own 3,000 pairs of shoes was convicted of seven counts of graft. She should have been convicted of plunder, which carries stiffer penalties. Regardless of whatever crime she has committed, the ‘merciful’ President Duterte, a close friend and ally who allegedly owes her an undetermined amount of money for his presidential bid, is most likely to grant her pardon.

Well, she’d better apply for amnesty and at the same time admit her guilt. Otherwise, the next president might invalidate or revoke the pardon, similar to what happened in the case of Senator Trillanes. But wait! If Bongbong Marcos wins his case against Vice President Leni Robredo in the Duterte-infested appointees in the Supreme Court, a revocation of Duterte’s pardon is unlikely to happen.

Will Imelda ever go to jail? Nahhh! ━ DMC

Updated: 2018-12-24 — 06:09:44