Francois Guillot Hubert Hitier / AFP / Getty

Notre Dame Burning an Omen?

by Bernie V. Lopez

When the spire of one of the greatest churches in human history, measuring a football field in height, fell on April 16, 2019, there was reason to discern prophecies ignored before, of Nostradamus, for one.

British astrologer Jessica Adams claims Nostradamus predicted the event ━ “the position of planets and the zodiac signs on the astrological chart for 15 April 2019 matches what happened on Monday.” Fire started in the attic, and two thirds of the roof collapsed (New York Times).

Notre Dame, which took a century to build (1160 to 1260), was in the middle of a $6.8 million renovation. (CNN).

Is this catastrophic event a wake-up call? Is there truth to fire-and-brimstone warnings that this is an omen of the anger of Jesus over Mankind? It comes at a time when the Catholic Church is in deep crisis ━ the Papacy an object of vicious attacks, the paedophile epidemic raging in thousands of US courts, for which the Church is spending billions of dollars in legal fees, the irreconcilable war of dogma between conservative and liberals over ecumenism and liturgy, the conflict between Vatican and the Fatima prophecies, and finally, the rise of new sects in a massive exodus of Catholics in the last decade.

The cathedral’s iconic spire collapsed during the catastrophic fire.


Are there implications over the event happening in the middle of Holy Week? It is a time to discern and pray for enlightenment, to atone for sins, during this period of Holy Week.