On Reliability of PCOS machines

It seems that the random manual audit of the May 10 election returns is confirming that the automated results tally with the actual information in the ballots cast, based on returns from 30 polling precincts. This is great news and indicates that the PCOS machines have not been tampered with, particularly the scan and tally programs.

The automated May 10 polls are indeed something that we, all Filipinos, could be proud of! In less than 24 hours from the closing of precincts, some local elected officials have been proclaimed and three aspirants for President have conceded. The US and the European Community have sent their congratulatory praises to the Filipino people. The peso has strengthened from P45.53 to US$1.00 last May 7 to P44.76 to US$1.00 yesterday, an appreciation of 1.7% within a period of one week.

Butch Travinio (by email from Manila)