Letter to the Editor: “Nora Aunor cannot sing” by Arturo Flores

“I am writing you in order to address my concern regarding the upcoming concert of Philippine Superstar NORA AUNOR this 29 August 2010 in Sydney.

“As we all know and as it has been broadcasted in the Philippine News including the Filipino Channel and Channel 7 Kapuso, Nora Aunor can no longer sing due to complications she had when she underwent plastic surgery.

“Yet the promoters of her 29 August concert in Sydney are insisting that Nora Aunor still has the golden voice that catapulted her as champion of the Tawag ng Tanghalan in the 1960s.

“Is this not a rip-off to the paying Filipino community in Sydney who are misled in buying tickets for the Ms Aunor’s concert on 29 August?

“This is a clear case of deception or fraud propagated by these unscrupulous organizers of Ms Aunor’s concert. Have you heard if Ms Aunor (after her return to the Philippines) had done major or minor concerts in Manila or any of the key cities in the Philippines? The answer is a big NO. Why? Because Nora Aunor can no longer sing.

“Now these unprincipled promoters of her concert in Sydney this 29 August has still the gall to organize the concert of Ms Aunor.

“This is a shame for Filipinos based in Sydney. We should not display and bring our bad traits to Australia.

“Please do something about this racket of the organizers of the concert of Nora Aunor. The paying Filipino community should know the real situation. Please disseminate this information to the reading public of your community newspaper.”

Arturo Flores
Quakers Hill NSW 2763