Don’t let nurses intimidate you by Joanna Asalemo

I remember when my father had his coronary bypass, the nurse incorrectly gave him headache tablets instead of the intended medication… when the nurse finally realised her mistake, she asked Papa, “Do you have a headache?” Papa said, “No” then the nurse laughingly said, “You will not get one.” I was right there when that happened, and the nurse just laughed and didn’t bother to apologise. What if it was something else that Papa shouldn’t take at all?

I would not let this happen to me. When I was admitted to the hospital just before I delivered my baby, the nurse was giving me high blood pills and I refused to take them. I said that my doctor didn’t tell me that I have to take such pills.

The nurse got agitated and insisted that I took it. I politely told her that she should first check with my doctor. If my doctor says it’s ok then I would be happy to take the pills.

The nurse was obviously challenged and thought that I am just a young girl who was questioning her and stopping her from doing her job. She adamantly said that my doctor won’t be around till later, so again she insisted but I did not let her intimidate me.

Let this be a lesson to all that although medical professionals might have good intentions, they still are subject to human error……and don’t let them push you around! Don’t just agree with what they ask you to do, because a lot of them have been so experienced that they do not want to listen to patients and often intimidate you because they assume that they know better………not in my case. – ?