Retailers and restaurants in Westpoint are closing down

It is fast becoming a regular sight inside Westpoint Shopping Centre in Blacktown. One wonders if it is the economy, inflation, or high cost of rent that is responsible for the closure of many business establishments in what is supposed to be the most popular shopping mall in the area.

One business owner who requested not to be identified commented that Centre Management has not been very helpful in promoting the shopping complex. “Over the past several months, Westpoint has not really been very active in attracting more people to shop. They come in trickles and hardly spend much,” said one retailer whose shop is now closed. One former restaurant owner said that the rent is very expensive. “We feel that we are just working for Centre Management. We hardly earn anything.”

Businesses come and go and only God knows how many years newcomers will last. Max Fried Chicken Restaurant will soon be opening a branch at Level Four. It was learned that the minimum term is 5 years. Many tenants are being required by Centre Management to submit a periodic report of their income. It seems that it is being used as basis for rental increases. – ?