Francisco takes the helm of FAME

The Filipino Australian Movement for Empowerment (FAME) held its 3rd annual general meeting and state directorate elections on September 12 at the Max Webber Library, Blacktown. Induction of the new officers and board members followed a week later at Blacktown Chopsticks Restaurant on Saturday, September 18.

Ferdi Francisco was elected Executive Director. Cesar Bartolome, founding executive director, remains the association’s administrator.

The new officers are: Ferdi Francisco, Executive Director; Ross Iglesia, Assistant Executive Director; Rod Dingle, State Secretary; Dennis Laxamana, State Treasurer; Mayumi Bartolome, State Internal Auditor; and Neria Soliman, State PRO.

The directors for 2010-2012 are Venus Priest, Floro Valdez, and Ronaldo Villaver. As of press time, we learned that Art Bacalla has resigned.

(Source: The Filipino Australian as reported by Neria Soliman)