Wannabes live their fighting fantasies by Jaime Kelly Pimentel

MORE than 30 wannabe fighters lived their fantasies on Saturday, September, thanks to Filipino kickboxing champion and promoter Reinhard Badato of Full Force Gym and the Harley-Davidson Motorcycles shop in Blacktown.

In an Australian first, the promoting venture held a one-day sparring competition among novices at the shop’s complex. In fact, most wannabes had never put on boxing gloves and shin pads before.

”It was an exciting and remarkable day,” said Full Force liaison officer Michelle Badato.

”This was an opportunity for any student to take their training to the next level and gain valuable experience in sparring.,” explained Reinhard. ”The competition was not about winning. It was about learning how to fight in a controlled environment.”

There were two Olympic-size boxing rings, and two referees to control the bouts. Fighters were matched according to their weight, height, and level of skills.

”This was not a full-contact competition,” Reinhard said. ”And competitors were able to choose from the codes of boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and mixed martial arts to compete.”

Each bout went three rounds of 1min 30sec. Every competitor received a trophy.

For spectators, there was free barbecue, a motorcycle show, and kickboxing demonstrations. Admission was free.

Updated: 2010-11-13 — 03:10:59