MPC Chairman writes Philippine Tribune

I wish to inform you that I disagree with the article published in the Philippine Tribune, July edition entitled “MPC sinks into more debt.” It states that I did not sign the loan agreement between the Philippine Australian Community Foundation Inc. and Ms Tess Lopez.Therefore, I reserve the right to seek remedy to clear my name.

Mansueto Villon
Chairman of the Board, PACF Inc.

Response from Philippine Tribune

Only too happy to oblige, clarify and correct any misinformation but first you must lift the gag order on me.  Hiding serves no purpose except to further confuse an already confused community.

I have requested MPC’s kind benefactor to double check her memory bank. She confirms that your signature appears on the piece of paper but that you were not present during the actual signing. In fact, she does not know what you look like.

In the interest of the community, I look forward to an interview with you and any other of your directors.

Benjie de Ubago