Cash Register prices higher than advertised shelf prices at SM Shoemart

My wife’s photographic memory and our penchant for fighting for a good
cause started the whole thing. We even took pictures of the prices
attached to the shelves and compared them with what came out in the
printed itemized receipts. Even as I write this column, people we don’t
know are sending us emails informing us of their own bad experience with SM Shoemart. Many said that the practice has been going on for years now. We intend to see this through. SM has called thrice already apologizing for what they regard as a “technical error.”Their solution is to ask complainants to come to their store with the receipt and the items they bought so they can [give] a refund.

That is their solution! What they should do is correct and improve their system! We told them we are doing this not for us alone but for the thousands out there who have been and will be victimized. You can help by publishing this warning in Philippine Sentinel. – ? Danny