Filipinos tackle those vital first three minutes

July 23, 2011. Ashfield, NSW. Saving a life in the first vital three minutes that follows a person collapsing was the focus of a cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) workshop conducted by the Filipino community in Sydney over the weekend.

More than 20 members of affiliate clubs from the Philippine Community Council of NSW went through the motions of approaching a victim, assessing his condition, arranging for quick medial assistance while administering resuscitation procedures until paramedics arrive and take over treatment.

Craig McKimm, instructor from Re-Viva First-Aid and Resuscitation Training, said the workshop was designed to provide participants with basics skills to keep a victim stable until professional medical help arrives..

McKimm described procedures of administering resuscitation techniques to adults as well as infants and pregnant women at trimester using dummies and a live volunteer. Each participant went through the paces with upper-body dummies supplied by Re-Viva.

PCC-NSW president Marivic Manalo, who welcomed participants, said the workshop was funded by the Family and Community Services Indigenous Affairs (FACSIA) through the PCC-NSW.

It was held at West Leagues Club in the suburb of Ashfield.

Spokeswoman Sol Lapalma said the first-aid workshop was the second of an annual event for members of affiliate organisations.