What is it to be a Filipino-Australian? by Daniella Serret

Being a mestiza, I’ve always thought I had a unique view of my Filipino heritage. Adobo and sinigang were casually mixed with fish and chips at the dinner table, English words were thrown in with Visaya and sometimes a childhood spanking was turned into a chinelas being thrown at me instead. However, through this play I’ve come to realize that this hybrid of cultural experiences wasn’t just my experience but the experiences of many.

As an actress, I’ve had the pleasure of playing many roles ranging from a brain-damaged former seductress to the socially-awkward teenage geek. But none have hit as close to home as my next show “Aussies of the Magic Mic and Adobo Kind” where I play two characters: one, the Australian
born daughter of two migrated Filipinos and the other. A newly-
emigrated Filipino in Australia.

Produced by Coloma Projects with Rosary Coloma and Erica Enriquez, the show is part of the Sydney Fringe Festival. It is a series of vignettes that explores what life is like for Filipino-Australians and the unique community that has arisen from the melting of these two cultures. Through the vignettes, the audience experiences issues such as inter-racial marriage, the pressures of familial/peer expectation, the sacrifices we make in life and ultimately, the experience of calling more than one place “home.”

Rosary Coloma and Erica Enriquez have managed to create stories that bring a unique Filipino perspective but will also resonate with all audiences as the issues addressed are universal.

As an ethnic actress in the Australian industry, I know how rare it is to find work that celebrates racial diversity. The heart of Australia is its rich multicultural community but unfortunately, that community isn’t shown in our entertainment industry. I applaud our directors for celebrating the different faces of Australia.
“Aussies of the Magic Mic and Adobo Kind” will be showing as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival from Thursday, September 29 to Saturday, October 1st. To purchase tickets, please go to

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