Catholic priest secretly married to a Filipina

Father Kevin Lee, a Catholic Priest at Padre Pio Parish in Glenmore Park NSW, admitted to being secretly married. He said that many other priests are likewise married and continues to live a double life.

“I’ve fallen in love and I got married [a year ago] and it’s outside of most people’s awareness,” Lee told 7News. “… I’m sure my family is going to be very deeply disappointed about these revelations.”

Lee, who met his wife in the Philippines told the television station that he is writing a book about many other priests doing something similar. He added that celibacy should not be enforced. Father Lee has been a priest for 20 years.

Reacting to what has been reported in 7News, Parramatta Diocese Bishop Anthony Fisher made a statement that Fr. Lee has been removed from his posting as parish priest of Padre Pio. The bishop denied Lee’s assertion that other priests are in similar situations.

As of this writing, the bishop of Parramatta diocese has already appointed an administrator who has replaced Fr. Kevin Lee in the parish of Padre Pio. Bishop Fisher said: “As Father Kevin is aware, by his actions he can no longer operate as a priest.” (Source: The Huffington Post)

It must be noted that in the earliest years of the church, the clergy were mainly married men. However, in the year 390 AD, the Council of Carthage decided that “…bishops, priests, and deacons and those in the service of the divine sacraments observe perfect continence.” Thus, the discipline of celibacy has since been enforced.