by Alfred de Aureus

While [my daughter] Paula was snowboarding at Perisher in the Snowy Mountains, she fell and fractured her wrist and would need 6 weeks to recuperate. It happened during the long weekend last month.

You can never imagine the pain you see in a parent’s face when you hear and then witness your daughter’s unfortunate affliction.

Most parents would rather accept the suffering themselves in lieu of any affliction affecting their children. In compromise, we need to show strength so that in their pain, they can be strong.

To my daughter ~ We protected you as you were growing, I suppose you have to build your own path. My simple plea is that you do not compromise any of your assets (extremities and sight) in going thru life in exchange for thrill. Excitement does not know saturation. Excitement is like addicting drugs going thru your veins and do not understand reason.

Are there safe sports where you get the same level of joy with minimum risk of getting hurt? There must be!

But a simple accident can accelerate your life to 50 years. We can guide you but we have no control over the choices you make. In your successes and failures, we will always be there for you because we are part of you.

We have always known you to be a sensible person and that you value the lessons you’ve learned from your experiences along the way, as we did.

Can we be spared of life’s uncertainty? I suppose not. But we can always help ourselves in identifying and minimising the risk, if not eliminate it. And for what it’s worth, we want you to know that we will always love you and we will always be there for you!

Updated: 2012-07-02 — 02:53:50