Bhajune show a screaming success by Dino Crescini, BS, MBA

If there’s one word that would best describe the ImFEARsonator show at Rooty Hill RSL on February 28, that word should be VERSATILE.


My wife was not too keen on watching the show. She’d rather look after our grandchildren. In fact, she said: “Puro kabaklaan lang yan.” (That’s pure gay stuff).


In a way, she was right. All the three performers were gay. But, she missed a night of excellent entertainment.


There was Kim, who looked like a regular sized dolphin wearing a tight fitting leotard. Unlike most male ballet dancers I have seen, Kim was somehow able to hide the bulge that would have revealed his real gender. But bulge or no bulge, his masculinity manifested itself in muscles that could never be hidden. His face? Let’s leave that topic. I do not want to be unkind. Let me just say that Kim was the least pretty among the three. But Kim possessed inner beauty. His jokes were definitely not “bakya.”  His stories were full of wit that catered to the intellect and I truly enjoyed listening to him and watching him perform.


There was Trisha, the tallest among the three. He had a unique laughter that reverberated throughout the entire ballroom. His laughter was truly contagious and everyone in the audience couldn’t help but scream. In a simulated interview while pretending to apply for a job, he declared that he graduated from Ateneo de Manila University. Being my alma mater, I could have believed him because of his well-constructed English and “Arreneow” accent.

The most feminine-looking was Anton Diva. He would easily pass for a fashion model or even a female opera singer. His name fits him well. There is no trace of masculinity in his voice. Any unsuspecting macho who sees him walking along the streets of Sydney would easily fall in love with Anton, thinking that he’s a real beauty queen.


Some of their jokes were unavoidably brazen but who cares? The jokes gave everyone a belly ache.


Incidentally, Anton has a Bachelor’s Degree obtained from De La Salle University in 1999. Well, it confirms what comedian Gary Lising said – that “La Salle is the best school . . . for girls” or even gays. – ?

Updated: 04/10/2009 — 00:14:07