Rachel Ann Diaz is finally in Sydney, but still behind bars

It was gathered from a very reliable source that Rachel Ann Diaz has been repatriated to Sydney in late February this year. She is now confined in an Australian Correctional Facility. It was reported that the Diaz family had to pay the New South Wales government more than $10,000 to make the transfer from the Hong Kong jail.


Rachel Diaz is no hardened criminal. She had no record of any previous conviction. She was lured to go to Hong Kong and given free airfare without knowing that she was dealing with a drug syndicate. It was in Hong Kong when she learned that she was to be used as a drug mule.


Hong Kong Police barged into her cheap hotel room while she was being forced to swallow condoms containing prohibited drugs. She was arrested and meted a jail term of 10 years.


At the time of her transfer to Sydney, she has completed 3 years of her prison term in Hong Kong. According to our sources, the family is hopeful that Australian authorities will commute her sentence to a shorter term. – ?