Update on Joel Cabides

It seems that the compensation case has finally been resolved out of court with an undisclosed amount accepted by the Cabides family.


We received confirmed reports that Joel Cabides has recently flown back to the Philippines (presumably for a brief holiday) with his parents, Brigadier General Joseph Cabides and his wife.


The Cabides family has been granted permanent residency in Australia by the Department of Immigration, just before Labor government took over the Howard administration.


Prior to this recent development, there was a news blackout about Joel Cabides, as requested by his solicitor handling the compensation case against the Australian Department of Defence.


Apart from being granted permanent residency, Joel Cabides was given a house close to the hospital where he still undergoes periodic treatment.


Joel Cabides was a former cadet of the Royal Military College in Duntroon. He suffered irreversible injuries to his spine when he fell during a supervised game of basketball inside the campus. He was confined for several months at a hospital in Randwick where he was provided with a fully computerized wheel chair.


According to earlier reports, Joel Cabides is doomed to spend the rest of his life in his wheelchair. – ?

Updated: 04/10/2009 — 00:22:39


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