Carmen Soriano is coming to Australia by Betty Cacapit

Miss Carmen Soriano, one of our famous Philippine Chanteuse from way back, is arriving in Sydney on April 28, 2009 to perform in one dinner show in Rooty Hill on Saturday, May 2. Carmen will also appear in shows in Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, The Gold Coast and in Melbourne.

Fans who still swoon at the sweet and melodious voice of the beautiful and sexy Carmen Soriano will always remember her songs. The former movie actress then crossed over very successfully to television, having three different shows during the 80s – “For Men Only,” “Carmen on Camera,” and “Carmen in Colour.”


Australian audiences have clamoured for a long time for Carmen to perform in Australia. Their wishes have now been granted as Carmen visits us to perform during May this year. – ?

Updated: 04/10/2009 — 00:24:06